Scaling-up Software Teams. Effectively.

Matchbox Solutions is passionate about helping software teams scale-up effectively. We believe that it starts by getting the right people on the bus, and is also influenced by how your team works together and the technology choices that you make.

Together, we have over 25 years of building software, running software development teams and growing companies. We have helped companies in various industries, from finance to design and from Cape Town to Bristol (even Silicon Valley). And have employed and managed over 150 technology professionals, in their efforts to build robust software!

We provide a holistic and sensible approach to growing your teams and focus on People, Process, and Technology. We're here to help you. Get in touch!

Scale your


We help with a range of services from providing insights on how to attract the best talent, helping shape your Employer Value Proposition to providing talent acquisition.


With an Agile bias, we help your teams work more effectively as the team grows and the software scales, by instilling best engineering and delivery practices.


We help you look at software architecture and advise on how to allow for a larger number of users and for the team to work effectively on it.